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EYFS Tracking Software that covers all development matters and more. Observations and Effective Learning functions made easy with our traffic light system, allowing you to simply track their progress by colour. You can enter your own personal observations which are sharable, plus collect photographic evidence from any device. With our easy to use overview system you can see at a glance what needs to be done and what has been done over all ageband’s in one simple window. There is also a what’s been done to-day window so you can check what’s been added day by day. The ElitePathway learning area also includes the Leuven Scale for Well-being. You can track children’s results by cohort charts making it easy to see progress by group or compare progress between one term to another. Our system also includes an easy way to monitor children with poor outcomes and SEN. Monitor starters with our settling in program. Also our staff module is compliant with 2017 ARA requirements for LA’s. ElitePathway now has an emailer, so you can send out Newsletters or just a message to a group or a single parent or staff.

ElitePathway also includes the Day in the Life of My Child, allowing you to track meals during the day. Nappies and what state the nappy was in and time they was changed. Record sleep times with sleep monitoring times. All areas have their own notes plus there is a general notes. Daily reports are automatically emailed to parents at set times.

ElitePathway will let you import from CSV files with the Child, Staff and Room’s information. With our system you can manage staff that use the system, monitor parent queries and input, and view the child's progress by multiple methods (i.e. by children, room, age bands etc.). When you TRIAL, you will have 30-days access for free with no obligation. It will be our pleasure to help you during your 30 days. Click DEMO to get a show round. ...Learn More

Guardian Access

Guardians can access their Children’s EYFS progress information through their own Parent Web page at any time, either directly or through the nursery website. Guardians will be able to see how their children are progressing with information supplied by the Child Care Provider and can submit additional information directly to the child care setting, through our parent observation system. The Child Care Provider will see this notification attached to a child, allowing them to process the query....Learn More


After 20 plus years in the Childcare sector we know how critical data is to your business which is why we take security very seriously. Our site is protected by multi-layered physical security. All our servers are compliant to UK and European standards such as ISC 27001 for data security. Additionally all areas of the datacentre both inside and out are monitored by video surveillance monitored 24/7/365 and digitally recorded. All our staff hold DBS certificates and only specific staff have access to our online servers. ElitePathway user access is encrypted so we can’t access your accounts. Our ICO Data Protection number is ZA373865. If you have any questions please contact us or Click DEMO to get a show round.. ...Learn More

Product Features

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Easy to setup

Simple setup process for your rooms, staff and child data

Easy Access

Web based makes it compatible with all devices

Parent access

Parents will be able to see their child’s progress online


Affordable for even the smallest group or childminder

About Us

We have been in the Childcare market now since 1993. Over that period our brands such as ChildsPlayLite (for the Childminders and small playgroups), ChildsPlayManager (for the Pre-school, Nursery and chains), ChildsPlayElite (for the large nursery and nursery chains) and PayMyChildcare (Auto debt collection system for all childcare providers) have become leaders in the marketplace worldwide. We are working towards making all our products integrate with each other making it easy for the childcare provider to run their business from within one system. ElitePathway is one product that will do just that with the added advantage that it can also work independently. We will continue to develop our products to ensure our customers have the best tools using the latest technology at a cost that is affordable.

We can assure our customers with years of working in this industry we take data security very seriously, our ICO Certificate reference please contact us for detailed information. Hosting is also a big part of the Group and we have over 20 online servers that manage for our customers. Our working partners like UKServers. The datacentre is fully owned by UKservers and is compliant with all ISO standards for security, our EYFS site security is provided by GoDaddy.

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